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Person Organizations

The Person Organization entity refers to all the schools where a person has been enrolled. This entity stores all the high schools or colleges that a student has attended. Person Organizations should only be created for prospective students. Other types of constituents should not have Person Organizations.
Information collected here includes:
  • Grade Point Average
  • Class Rank
  • Class Size
  • Dates Attended
When a Person Organization record is created, an opportunity requirement will be automatically created indicating that a transcript is required. Entering a date in the Transcript Received Date field will automatically create a closed Activity of "Official Transcript Received" on the Person record.
Active Person Organization
Multiple person organizations can be added for a Person, but only one Person Organization record can be marked as active. Under the General section of the Person Organization record, Select the "Yes" radial for Active to indicate the organization where the person is currently enrolled. When entering records manually or importing records, Enrollment Manager will enforce that only one person organization record is set as active.
Note: If two person records are merged together, all of the deactivated person's child records (person organizations, scores, etc.) will be moved to the active person's record. In this circumstance, it is possible for a person to have two person organizations marked as active. For this reason, be sure to review the active person record after merging two records. Edit the person organization records as necessary to ensure that only record is marked as active.

To create a new Person Organization:

  • Open the Person record.
  • Go to Person Organizations. 
  • Click the (+) sign to Add New Person Organization.
  • In the new window, click the Lookup button to the right of the Organization field to search for the high school or college. Once you have found the organization, highlight it and click OK. If the organization does not appear in the lookup, you can add the organization by clicking New and adding information for that organization. (Note it is a good idea to search several ways to find the organization before adding it new so that you do not duplicate organizations that already exist within the database.)
  • Enter as much of the Person Organization information as you have. Be sure to mark the school as Active if the student currently attends that school.
  • When you have finished, click:  
            - Save - to save your work and remain on the Person Organization form OR
            - Save and Close - to save your work and close out of the Person Organization form OR
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