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Person ID's

A Person ID consists of an ID Name and an ID Value. Enrollment Manager can store multiple external IDs for a Person record. These values are most often imported, but can be created manually. Clients can specify the names for external IDs that they wish to store, such as 'Campus ID' or 'System ID'. Other IDs will reference other Enrollment Manager applications such as a 'Form Reference ID'.
To view ID values for a Person record, go to the External IDs area on the Person record. You can also access the Person IDs entity from the left hand Navigation Menu (Workplace >> Constituents >> Person IDs). Use the IDs entity when you wish to search for a person record by an external ID number (e.g. CAMS, Banner, Peoplesoft).
NOTE: the Person ID is not the same thing as the EM Person ID. The EM Person ID is a single, system-generated value.