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Advanced Record Selector

This is an Internal (RNL Only) solution to add records to an Outreach List. This solution, comprised of workflow and a plugin, lets you limit the number of records from an Opportunity Advanced Find when populating an Outreach List. The workflow creates Opportunity Outreach and List member records. There are two steps, first defining the Advanced Finds used for each of your tiers, then specifying the number of records you want for each tier.

A) Creating Advanced Finds for your Tiers

1) Login to any org as RCISAdmin.

2) Create Advanced Find on Opportunity entity.

3) Add required criteria.

4) Add "Opportunity Name" column (this isn't required but it will assure that the Opportunity Outreach records created have the 'Name' set, otherwise the Name will be 'contact' for each record).

5) Save this AF view as Tier_(somename). 

6) Share this C422System. If the Advanced Find is not shared, it won't be visible when creating tiers.

     NOTE: You can create any number of Advanced Find Tiers.

B) Adding records in Outreach List using ARS

1) Now go to Outreach -> Outreach List

2) Create new Outreach List (or use an existing list)

3) Select required fields (member type , activity category and activity value) and click save.

4) This will refresh the Outreach List and "Tiers" tab will be visible.

5) Go to Tiers tab, provide a "Name" for the Tier , select the AF and specify the record limit , click on "Add Tier".
  NOTE: Do not use the Add New Tier buttons in the navigation ribbon. You must use the fields directly on the Outreach List form in the Tiers section to select the appropriate Advanced Find.

6) This will add Tier in Data grid above it and will activate the "Populate List" button.

7) You can add any number of Tiers using different Advanced Finds.

8) Specify "Max List Members Allowed" count.

9) Now click on "Populate List" button , this will start the workflow.

10) The workflow first inserts "Opportunity Outreach" records and then it inserts "List Member" records.

11) Workflow updates the Last Run Status and Last run date periodically, to see the latest status please refresh the page.

12) While the workflow is processing, the “Populate List” button will be disabled and will show a tool tip “In progress”.

13) When the process is completed successfully you can add more Tiers and run the process again.