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Outreach Lists

What is an Outreach List?
Outreach Lists are groups of Person records. From the Outreach List, users can send Email to Persons on the list, generate export files for letter generation, and/or post Activities to the related Person's Opportunity.  

Creating an Outreach List

To create an Outreach list, go to the Outreach Lists area and select New. When the blank Outreach form opens, complete the following field for:
  • Name
  • Targeted At  - This will almost always be "Person" 
  • Owner - The owner of the list will be the activity owner for the task that is posted.
  • Mailing Definition - This option allows users to select a Mailing Definition which will automatically populate the Quick Mailing Form fields (Name, Campaign, List and Email Subject) when sending Bulk Emails. 
  • Activity Category and Value - These will post to the Opportunity as closed Activities.
  • Purpose/Description (Optional) - These fields can be helpful for end users when processing the Outreach Lists.

Adding Person records to an Outreach List

To add Person records to an Outreach List:
  • Open the Outreach List
  • In the Members area, click on the (+) sign and choose from one of the options for adding records:
    • Add Using Lookup - This option allows you to search for Persons using the Lookup feature, and then add the records to the Outreach List individually or as a group
    • Add Using Advanced Find - This option allows users to add members to the Outreach List that match an Advanced Find query. 

Removing Person records from an Outreach List

After Person records are added to an Outreach List, you can further narrow the group by removing records from the Outreach List. 

To remove Persons from an Outreach List:
In the Members area, click on the (+) sign and choose from one of the options for removing records:
  • Use Advanced Find to Remove Members - This option allows you to remove members from the Outreach List that that match an Advanced Find query.
  • Use Advanced Find to Evaluate Members - This option allows you to evaluate which members you'd liketo keep on the list based on Advanced Find criteria.

NOTE: If members will be added or removed to/from an Outreach List using an Advanced Find, the Advanced Find must be created from the Person entity. Advanced Finds can be created and saved in advance for use with Outreach Lists. In these instances, it is recommended that the Advanced Find utilize the same name as the Outreach List.

Using Workflow to populate an Outreach List
Outreach Lists that are part of scheduled communication to constituents can be populated automatically through a workflow process that typically runs overnight. The workflow process identifies the records that should be included (added) and those that should be excluded (removed) including those records which already have a given Activity posting.  Populating an Outreach List through a workflow process will be automated only after users become comfortable with the manual process for populating an Outreach List using Advanced Find to Add and Remove records. Once users have a good understanding of the process and can specify in detail which records should be add and removed from an Outreach List, they can send a request to Admissions Lab Support to set up a workflow to automatically populate the list.
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