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Organizations and Groups

The Organization entity includes organizations with which your institution may regularly communicate or interact. It is also the entity that is referenced when linking Organizations to prospective students (Person Organizations) and other constituents (Primary Organization).
Enrollment Manager is pre-populated with most known secondary schools and higher education institutions in the United States during the institutions implementation process. However, it up to each institution to maintain this area by. For example, if a new high school has opened, or if there is an organization pertinent to your institution that is not included, users can add the new organization.

The Organization entity can be used to collect information on:

  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Professional organizations
  • Places of employment
Need to export your entire Organization table? Click here for details!

Areas on the Organization record (Information View)
The following areas are found on the Organization record in the Information View: 
  • General - contains basic information such as: Organization Name, ID (CEEB or SIC) code, Address.
  • Details - includes Organization Type, Control, Rating, Geomarket
  • Map   
Organization Summary (Account View)
The following areas are view-able from the Organization Summary/Account View. 

  • Organization Contact Information: Includes Org Name, Address, Phone, ID Code.
  • Activities: Recent Activities related to the Organization

Organization related Entities

The following entities are related to the Organization record. Users can access them by clicking on drop down beside the Organization record name, then choosing the specific entity. Those marked with an asterisk are also viewable/accessible from the Organization Summary view (see above). 
  • More Addresses
  • Closed Activities*
  • Person Organizations*

Creating a new Organization
Since Enrollment Manager contains most known secondary and higher education institutions, users are advised to exercise extreme caution when creating a new Organization. Since there is a high likelihood that the institution may already exist, users should thoroughly search the database before creating a new Organization.
To create a new Organization:
1. Navigate to the Organizations area, then click (+) New. 
2. Complete the fields for the Organization. Only the City field is required, but the following fields are highly recommended:
  • Organization Name
  • ID/CEEB Code (see note below about this value)
  • Address Street 1
  • Address Street 2
  • City, State, Zip
  • Organization Type
  • Organization  Control

Modifying Organization Data

Users can modify the data for an organization (name, address, contact info, etc) as desired. However, ID/CEEB code should NEVER be modified unless it is incorrect.  The ID/CEEB code is used for matching for when importing data into Enrollment Manager.  If the import process cannot match this field to the field on the imported record, then the Person's association with that particular organization will not be made.  If you do find an incorrect CEEB code for an Organization, please also notify Ruffalo Noel Levitz Support so we can update our master organization file.