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Merging Opportunities

As new records are created or when duplicate person records are merged, it is possible that duplicate opportunities are created for the same person. When this occurs, you can use the Merge Opportunity function to merge those opportunities together. The steps below show how to consolidate multiple/duplicate Opportunities into one active/parent Opportunity.
Things to Note:
  • The Merged Opportunity is the Opportunity you want to delete and consolidate with the Parent Opportunity (the opportunity that will remain active after merging).
  • Only two Opportunities can be merged at a time. If there is more than one duplicate Opportunity, then the merge process will need to occur until all merged Opportunities have been merged with the parent Opportunity.
  • Activities/History, Awards, Interests, Status Changes, Custom Data records, and Notes will all relocate from the Merged Opportunity to the Parent Opportunity once the "Merge Opportunity" button is selected.
  • All other Opportunity fields/tabs on the Merged Opportunities will NOT merge (non-award financial aid data, housing, major, app type, decision plan, relationships, manually added application requirements, etc.) If this additional data from the Merged Opportunity is desired, then it must be manually updated on the parent Opportunity prior to merging.
  • Application Requirements will be recalculated on the Parent Opportunity after the merge is complete.
  • The merged Opportunity will be deleted from the database at the time of the merge and no data retrieval post deletion is available.

Steps to Merge

  1. Determine which Opportunity will be the Parent Opportunity (the remaining active opportunity).
  2. Manually update desired field data from the merged Opportunities to the parent Opportunity. Activities/History, Interests, Award, Status Changes and Notes data WILL automatically merge and do not have to be manually moved.
  3. From the Person record, select/open the Opportunity you wish to merge with the parent Opportunity.
  4. From within that Opportunity, select "Merge Opportunity" from the top menu bar. A pop-up window should appear.
  5. Confirm that the to-be-merged Opportunity is listed at the top of the pop-up window.
  6. Select the parent Opportunity (the destination for the merging data) from the list at the bottom of the pop-up window. If there is only one other Opportunity, it will be selected by default.
  7. After confirming that you have manually moved all other auto-merged data from the merged to the parent Opportunities, select "Merge Opportunity" located at the bottom of this window. If you need to make additional changes before merging, select "Cancel" to close the Opportunity Merge window.
  8. Once you select "Merge Opportunity", the merge will occur and the merged Opportunity will be deleted. Once complete, the page will refresh to display the remaining Opportunity.
  9. Review all merged data to make sure records are valid. Check to see that the First Activity selected is correct, as this field is not automatically recalculated when opportunities are merged. You may need to do additional cleanup such as removing duplicate Status Changes, Activities, or Interests.