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Defining an Opportunity
Opportunities represent specific outcomes that you are trying to achieve with an individual or group of individuals. In college admissions, opportunities typically refer to enrollment in a particular program, at a particular point in time. However, they can also be used to manage outcomes related to financial aid packages, scholarships, or participation in an honors program. In all cases, opportunities are typically defined by a series of stages and a set of related requirements. Ultimately, these stages and requirements lead to a particular decision point, such as whether to enroll or not enroll.
An Opportunity Record is used in Enrollment Manager to manage and track movement from the suspect or inquiry stage, through the application stage, to the admit/deposit stage. Information to support interactions throughout this progression is gathered from many sources, including on-line applications, paper applications, test score files, college fairs, phone calls, and web inquiry forms, In Enrollment Manager there is a clear distinction between the information that is contained within the “Person” record and the information related to the opportunity, or opportunities, affiliated with that Person record. Generally, all of the key bio-demographic data that remains mostly static (i.e., address, phone, gender, ethnicity, birth-date, ID information, high school, scores, Etc.) will be contained in the Person record. Information that is unique to each potential outcome you are trying to achieve for that person will be contained in the Opportunity record.
What information is found on the Opportunity record?
The Opportunity record captures the data specific to the person’s intentions and potential outcome(s) related to the institution. In Enrollment Manager, the Opportunity record is also used to handle information and procedures related to managing an application for admission. Multiple academic programs (majors) and non-academic interests can also be captured within each specific Opportunity record, but multiple entry terms or application types cannot. This is done to enable you to account for multiple opportunities that are affiliated with the same person. Therefore, a prospective applicant who declines the opportunity to enroll for one entry term would have a new opportunity created if he/she chooses to apply for admission for a subsequent entry term. Multiple Opportunity records may also be present for the same person and the same entry term if each represents a different outcome, such as an opportunity to enroll as a freshman and an opportunity to apply for and receive a financial aid package.

Areas on the Opportunity Record

The following areas are found on the Opportunity Record:  
  • Prospective Student information: Entry Term, Opportunity Type and Opportunity Status Category/Value, First Activity
  • Application details: Application Type, Enrollment Status, Major, Second Academic Category/Value, Campus, Housing, 
  • Interests, Majors
  • Financial Aid Data
  • Application Requirements
  • Staff member who is actively working on (assigned to) the opportunity
  • First Activity
  • State of Residency (automatically populated based on address during imports)

Opportunity related Entities

The following entities are related to the Opportunity record. Users can access them by clicking on drop down beside the Opportunity record name, then choosing the specific entity. Those marked with an asterisk are also viewable/accessible from the Opportunity view.
  • Activities*
  • Closed Activities*
  • Connections
  • Hosted Forms Submitted
  • Custom Data*
  • Application Requirements*
  • Interests*
  • Status Changes

Creating a new Opportunity
  • Find and open the Person you for whom you wish to create Opportunity.
  • Go to Opportunities for that Person.
  • Click Add Opportunity
  • Enter the following required fields:
Interested Person
Entry Term
Opportunity Type
Opportunity Status Category
Opportunity Status Value
Staff Assigned
  • Add other information to the Opportunity record as desired.
  • The required field for Staff Assigned will automatically populate according to the Staff Assignment process. This field may be updated as a result of overnight workflow rules that may make updates to this field based on other information on the Opportunity record.

Closing an Opportunity

Opportunities typically end with a decision point, either by the student or by the institution, which is indicated by a terminal status. A terminal status is one at which there can be no further movement along the enrollment pipeline for that Entry Term and Opportunity Type. Examples might be 'Inquiry: Cancelled', 'App: Withdrawn', ‘Enrolled’, 'Denied', etc.
At the end of each enrollment cycle, it is recommended that clients move all Opportunities for that Entry Term to a terminal status and close them. See steps below for specifics on how to close an Opportunity.
When closing an Opportunity, the user will indicate the Opportunity status of ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’. For a status of Lost, the user will also indicate the reason as one of the following: ‘Cost’,‘Unknown’,‘Other’,‘Another School’,‘Military’,‘Cancelled’. Note: This status is a separate field from the Opportunity Status Value or pipeline stage.
A closed Opportunity is view-only and can no longer be updated. Closing an Opportunity does NOT delete the Opportunity, nor does it delete or deactivate the associated Person record.

Closed Opportunities:

  • Are included in the Standard Export if they have the current Active Entry Term
  • Are included in Standard Reports unless the report’s default filter parameters are set to exclude them
  • Are included in Analytics Reports
  • Are not taken into account by the Standard Import process when the system attempts to match imported records to existing records.
  • Are not included in the Opportunity lookup when directly searching for an Opportunity in Advanced Find

To close an Opportunity:

  • Open the Opportunity.
  • From the top menu, select Close as Won or Close as Lost.
  • Confirm the Status, Status Reason and Close Date
  • If Lost to another institution, you may wish to indicate the institution in the Competitor field.
  • Click OK

Financial Aid Information on the Opportunity Record

The Financial Aid Tab contains information needed to apply and award financial aid. You must have selected a currency in the General Tab under Customizing my Workspace.
The bottom half of the Financial Aid Tab contains Financial Awards made to this opportunity. Enter the values for the awards here.
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