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Enrollment Manager allows you to track competing institutions by associating Opportunity records with other colleges and universities. Competitors data can be used at the end of a recruitment cycle to track where students ultimately enroll or throughout the course of a recruitment cycle to track student interest in all other schools. As data is collected over time, Enrollment Manager can provide you with a clear picture of your top competitors.
The Competitors entity is accessible from the Recruitment menu. To view a Competitor associated with a particular Opportunity, open the Opportunity record and click on Competitors.
Creating a new Competitor record
Competitor records can be added in two ways:
  • Contact your Enrollment Operations Manager and request that all existing colleges/universities in your database be added to the Competitors entity.
  • Manually create a single Competitor record by following these steps:
    1. From the Recruitment menu, click on Competitors.
    2. Select New in the top command bar.
    3. Enter an Organization name in the Organization field (this is required).
    4. Enter an ID Code, if one exists.
    5. Select a State and Control.
    6. Select Save, Save and New or Save and Close.
Once a Competitor is added to the database, you can add an Analysis of the Competitor as well as any Notes about the institution.

Adding a Competitor to an Opportunity

  • Within the opened opportunity record, go to Competitors.
  • Select Add.
  • Click the Lookup button to search for the Competitor record. Once you have found the Competitor, highlight it and click OK. If the Competitor does not appear in the lookup, you can add it by selecting New.

Evaluating Competitors Associated with Opportunities

  • Advanced Find will allow you to view and export Competitor data based on specific criteria. To identify a list of Competitors for a specified Entry Term:
  • Select Advanced Find.
  • In the Look for list, select Competitors.
  • Click Select and under the Related heading, select the Opportunities field value.
  • Click Select and the Entry Term field value. Select Equals as the query relational operator. Click the Lookup button next to Enter Value to search for the Entry Term record. Once you have found the Entry Term, highlight it and select OK.
  • Select Find to view the selected records.
  • Export data by clicking on the Excel icon.

Once you have exported your data, you can use the tools in Excel to analyze your data.