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Activity Category & Value

Activities, or records of touchpoints between the constituent and the institution, generally reference an Activity Category and an Activity Value.
Activity Category
Activity Categories broadly define and distinguish the activities that are posted to a constituent's record. Categories are fixed and are standard for all clients. Additional categories cannot be added.
Standard categories provide a broad context for evaluating data and allow Admissions Lab to create market level reports to show how the activity patterns of your students compare to other institutions.
Standard categories:
  • Application
  • Campus Visit
  • Communication Flow
  • Direct Marketing Response
  • Financial Aid
  • Personal Contact
  • Publications Response
  • Referral
  • Student-Initiated
  • System*
  • Travel
*The System category is limited to values that are used for internal processing. These values represent non-recruitment activities that have no impact on student interaction or communication.
Activity Values
Activity Values more narrowly describe the activity. Client can indicate the specific wording of the value. They cannot create or modify values but they can send requests to emsupport@ruffalonl.com. All activity values must be associated to one of the standard categories. In general, there is no limited to the number of Activity Values a client can have in their environment. 
Examples of Activity Values: 
  • Viewbook Sent
  • Email Inquiry Received
  • Official Test Score Received
  • Tel: Staff Call to Incomplete App
  • Registered: Fall Campus Visit Program
  • College Day/Night Program
  • Financial Aid Brochure Sent
  • Referral from Alumni Office