Mailing Subscriptions

Subscriptions offer a way to manage your communication with students. By default, when a student elects to UNSUBSCRIBE from a mailing, they unsubscribe from all future Email communication. Subscriptions allow the student to manage their preferences at a more granular level. For example, you may decide to offer three types of subscriptions:
  • College News- News alerts and occasional newsletters from the college.
  • Admissions Information- Communication from the Admissions Office regarding applications and events.
  • Athletics- News and updates regarding varsity teams at the college.
When sending email to students, you can include two links for the student to manage their communication preferences: Unsubscribe From All Communication, and Manage Subscriptions. If the student selects Manage Subscriptions, they'll have the opportunity to Opt-in or Opt-out of specific communication types.

Creating a Subscription

From the Subscriptions menu, create a new subscription by defining the name, description and type. Both the name and description will appear on the Subscriber Center page when the student selects the link. The following subscription types are available:
  • Opt-in- If you create an Opt-in Subscription, only Person records that manually subscribe to the Subscription will be included in mailings.
  • Opt-out- This is the most popular type of subscription. With Opt-out Subscriptions, all Persons on an Outreach List will receive an email unless they have manually Opted-Out of this type of mailing.
  • Double Opt-In- This type of subscription requires additional setup. When using double opt-in, the person must manually subscribe to the Subscription. The person will then receive an email asking them to confirm their Subscription by clicking a link. This then confirms the subscription.
When viewing a subscription, you can also see the following:
  • Mailings: See a list of all mailings where this subscription is included.
  • Person Opt-Ins: See which people have opted into this subscription.
  • Person Opt-Outs: See which people have opted out of this subscription

Subscriber Center

Rather than using an 'Unsubscribe' link in your mailings, you can use the Code Snippet for Subscription Center. When a person clicks on this link, they'll see the following options:

  • They'll see all Subscriptions listed with options to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to each.
  • They'll see an option 'Unsubscribe Globally' which will remove them from all future mailings.
Note: To fully take advantage of the Subscription functionality, be sure to select the Subscription type for all mailings.