Mailgun Interactions

Mailgun provides various ways to interact with Email Marketing from external email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, or Hotmail. There are currently three different Mailgun interactions available:
  • Send a message to an existing Outreach List
  • Populate HTML in a Mailing
  • Send a tracked email to a Person

Send a Message to an Existing Outreach List

Mailgun allows you to use any existing Outreach List as a micro-blogging platform. Here are two scenarios where this functionality may be helpful:
  • Messages to my applicants: As a counselor, I want to periodically send messages to my applicants-- similar to 'tweeting' a specific list of students. Mailgun makes this easy by allowing me to send a message from any mail client (mobile phones, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and have it sent to an existing Outreach List. 
  • Event Updates: As event coordinator, I want to send messages to everyone registered for an event. Using this function, I can define a list of students to keep updated using Mailgun.
To use Mailgun to send a message to an Existing Outreach List, follow these steps:
  • Create an Outreach List and populate it either manually or using the Dynamic list function. Select 'Do not clear list' if you plan to re-use the list for multiple messages.
  • Click the Mailgun icon in the toolbar.
  • This will display the Mailgun email address for this Outreach List. Click/copy this address.
  • Any message sent to this address will automatically be sent to the list members. Note, you will receive a confirmation email to verify that your intentions. This message will include your message, the estimated number of recipients, and a link to click confirming your intention.
Unconfirmed mailgun messages will be discarded after 48 hours. Once a message is processed, you'll be able to see the results in your Mailings within Enrollment Manager.

Populate HTML in a Mailing

Mailgun provides the ability to create email content in any email client and easily use it within Enrollment Manager.
Scenario: Let's say you have a message that you've designed in Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, or some other email client. Mailgun allows you to easily 'send' that content to Enrollment Manager and have it populate an existing message. To make this happen, follow these simple steps:
  • Create a Mailing in Enrollment Manager and save it. Only the required fields are necessary to complete.
  • Once the Mailing is saved, click the Mailgun icon in your toolbar.
  • You will now see the Mailgun email address for this specific message. Click or Copy this address.
  • Use this address in your email client and send your design.
  • You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your Mailgun interaction has been processed. You can now re-open your Mailing (or refresh) to see the HTML content in your message.

Send Tracked Email to a Person

If you know the Mailgun address for a Person record (found by clicking the Mailgun icon on the Person record) you can conveniently send a “one-off” email to this person and have it tracked for opens, clicks, etc.

Merging Content in Mailgun

Mailgun content can include merge fields and code snippets just like those created within Enrollment Manager.