Email Validation and Preview

The Validation function within Email Marketing provides tremendous value when testing a new design. Validation allows you to see how your emails will appear in the in-box of your recipients. Our process generates an image of your email in Gmail, iPad, Outlook, BlackBerry, etc. You can spot potential problems and correct them before you send your bulk email.

Using Email Validation and Inbox Preview

On the Validation menu in your mailing, select New Validation to initiate a test. You can choose between types: Standard or Professional.
Standard Validation: The Standard option is designed for consumer based email clients like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and Gmail. It has fewer screenshots and is tested against fewer SPAM filtering and scoring engines. You can run 10 Standard Validations per month at no charge.
Professional Validation: The Professional option tests against all available platforms including mobile devices and Outlook. It also includes testing against enterprise SPAM scoring engines such as Barracuda, MessageLabs, Postini, and Outlook. You can run 25 Professional Validations per month at no charge.
Once you initiate Validation, you will see thumbnail placeholders for each Inbox Preview option. By clicking the GO button, you can refresh the test results. After about 30 seconds, these placeholders will begin being replaced by actual thumbnail images of your message in that environment. Within 5 minutes, all previews should be available. Clicking on one of the thumbnails open a full screen view of your email. Near the top of the window you can click to go to the previous or next screenshot and also, depending on the mail client, you can block images and view your email in the small preview pane (the two orange buttons in the top right corner).
By default you will see the Inbox Preview results. You can also select Spam Analysis to see the SPAM scoring results.

SPAM scoring

The Validation process generates a SPAM analysis of your mailing. From the Validation form, select SPAM analysis from the picklist and view the results of your test. Note, Standard tests against the common personal inboxes like Gmail, and the Professional tests against Outlook, Postini, Barracuda and other business level SPAM filters.
Note that SPAM filters such as Gmail give you only a Pass/Fail indication and no further details. If the test fails (in other words, your mailing has been flagged as SPAM) detail reasons for the failure is not provided – the reason for this is thought to be because more information would allow the spammers to learn how to bypass SPAM filters.
With the Professional test, the more advanced SPAM scoring engines such as Postini and Barracuda will give you some helpful details that you can use to alter your content and avoid SPAM filters.

Inbox Preview Supported Environments

Inbox Previews in Professional Validation are available for the following:

Mobile devices

Apple iPhone
Apple iPad
BlackBerry (Text & HTML)
Symbian S60
Windows Mobile

Email clients

AOL Mail (IE & Firefox)
Apple Mail 4
Apple Mail 3
Gmail (IE & Firefox)
Hotmail (IE & Firefox)
Lotus Notes 8.5
Lotus Notes 8
Lotus Notes 7
Lotus Notes 6.5
Mobile Me (IE & Firefox)
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2002/XP
Outlook 2000
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 3
Yahoo! (IE & Firefox)

Purchasing Additional Validations

If you find that you need more than the allowed validations each month (10 Standard and 25 Professional), additional validations can be purchased. Please contact Support or your Enrollment Operations Manager for further details.