Email Testing

To test a Mailing, go to the Testing area on your message. Here you can enter email addresses for your testing. You can enter multiple email addresses here using a comma to separate each address.
When your test message is sent, you will receive two versions-- one with HTML Content and one with Text Content for appropriate proofreading. Each will automatically include text in the subject indicating that this is a test message.
Some behavior, such as Unsubscribe and Forward to a Friend, will display a message indicating your message was sent in 'Test Mode'. This means that the functionality will properly display the linked page, but further actions will not function as expected (such as Unsubscribing). To test the full functionality of these items, you should send your message to an Outreach List containing test records.
When a test Mailing is sent, data from a random record on your Outreach List will display the appropriate merge fields and behavior. You must have an Outreach List populated with at least one member in order for merge fields to populate in your test message.

Testing a Mailing Definition

Mailing Definitions must be tested through a test Outreach List. It is recommended that you have one or two test records in the system with a test Outreach List.
When a test Mailing Definition is sent from an Outreach List, data from a random record on your Outreach List will display the appropriate merge fields and behavior.
Test email is not an option when sending Quick Mailings.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing is a marketing process used to evaluate the relative effectiveness of two different messages. To execute proper testing, you should only test one variable, such as a Subject Line, From Name, or message content. Enrollment Manager now includes a specific module to help conduct A/B Split Testing. More information is available here

Email Validation and Inbox Preview
Enrollment Manager includes built in test capabilities that allow you to preview results in a variety of devices and email services using Email Validation and Inbox Preview. These features are detailed here.
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