Email Statistics

The Statistics area of the Bulk Email Message provides basic aggregate data regarding the outcome of your message. This page includes charts to illustrate relative outcome. All statistics in this area indicate Unique Persons, meaning if the Person opened or clicked multiple times, it will only be counted once.
  • Recipients: These are the Person records that were sent the message. This number may be smaller than the total from your Outreach List. This will occur if you had Outreach List members who had previously unsubscribed or have no valid email address to use.
  • Opens: This indicates the number of Persons that opened your message. Opens are tracked using invisible tracking images that display when the message is displayed. It is important to note that if the Person views the message without images, the open tracking image won't be triggered. For this reason, your actual open rate is often higher than the statistics will show.
  • Implied Opens: These are Person records that have clicked a link within your message but did not display the tracking image to indicate an 'Open'.
  • Unopens: These are Person records that gave no indication of opening your message (through open tracking or click tracking).
  • Bounces: These are Persons for whom the message bounced before delivery. Bounced message information is found in more detail within the Interactions menu.
  • Unsubscribes: These are Persons that initiated an Unsubscribe as a result of this message.
  • Clicked: These are Persons that clicked a link within your message.
Further details on the individual opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces are available in the Interactions menu. In addition, web-based activity generated by your mailing is tracked in the Web Page Views.