Improper Syntax

If you receive an error message regarding the syntax of your merge fields, you may be using a merge field or dynamic content using an old version of the field name that is no longer supported. The error will list the first 3 fields that contain old syntax for the related entities. This error may occur when using fields from related records (for instance, the Owning User of the Person record). 

To eliminate this error you will need to simply update the merge fields containing old syntax with the appropriate related fields in the drop down menu.

 Old Merge Field dropdown: New Merge Field dropdown:
The new syntax of used in your merge field will reflect the entity name of the related record. For instance, if you were merging the first name of the record owner the old syntax would be [owninguser.firstname] and the new syntax would be [contact.owninguser.firstname]. The merge fields in the drop down menus have been updated to reflect this change but older emails will not be updated automatically.