Email HTML Editor

The Email Marketing HTML Editor allows you to create email content. While most of the functionality is very intuitive and similar to other editors, there are some advanced functions included.

Insert Template: This button allows you to insert a template you've created or use a template from the Designer Template collection.
Check HTML: This button allows you to check your HTML for any extraneous tags or content that cause malformed HTML or potential issues with specific email clients.
Create TXT Version: This button allows you to generate a text version of your message based on the HTML content.
Merge Fields: The HTML editor allows you to merge data from any field on the Person record into your message content. You must attach an Outreach List that contains at least one record before the merge field options populate in the drop down menu. The email editor populates a list of merge fields only after it reviews a person record from your Outreach List. Once the email editor reviews a Person record on your Outreach List, the merge field options become available to you. The process can take up to one minute before merge fields are available to you in the drop down menu.
  • Code Snippets: This allows you to insert pre-formatted text and links for functions like:
  • View in Browser- This will create a link in the message that takes the viewer to a browser version of the message. This is useful if the viewer is having difficulty reading the message in their email client software. The version displayed in their browser will contain the exact same content and will be tracked for opens/clicks just as the original email.
  • Forward to a Friend- To enable the forward to a friend feature, insert the merge field [FORWARD] in the content of your email. This message is sent 'as is' to the friend. CAN-SPAM legislation prohibits us from harvesting the email address of the friend.
  • NICKNAME- This will use the Nickname of the Person receiving the message. If the Person doesn't have a Nickname identified in Enrollment Manager, it will use the First Name. NOTE: This is different from the Nickname merge field that is also available.
  • Social Networking- This will create a series of Social Networking links that can be included in your message. Clicking these links will allow the viewer to share your message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.
  • Unsubscribe- This will create a link that the viewer can use to unsubscribe from future mailings. Selecting this option will update the Person Record to no longer allow Bulk Email messages.
Note: When you use the Forward to a Friend or Social Networking links, the message is shared exactly how it was received by the original recipient. This includes opens and clicks. So if a student shares the email message with three friends, the opens and clicks for those friends will be counted for the original recipient.
Advanced file upload function: A high-performance upload component that allows you to select and upload multiple files at once.
Insert clean HTML from Microsoft Word: When text is pasted from Microsoft Word a lot of unnecessary word specific markup is carried across. The Paste from Word button solves this by removing word markup before pasting the text into your message.
Unlimited levels of the undo/redo feature: While many editors cannot undo or redo certain actions, and certain table operations - such as cell merge or column deletion, the Bulk Email Editor has a custom undo/redo implementation to make you can now safely undo those actions.
Advanced table manager: Create and modify tables and table cells. Set their border color, alignment, cell spacing and more. Once you've created a table, simply right click inside of it and use the popup menu to change its attributes.
Image insertion and automatic upload: Thumbnail images are dynamically created; supports upload new images.
Clickable Image Maps: Image maps are pictures with clickable regions also known as "hotspots." When users click on one of the hotspots, they're directed to the web page you designate.


Menu/Button Function Description
 Save save the active content in the editor's content area
 Print print the current page
 Preview preview the current page
 Find and replace find and replace the text in the editor's content area
 Spell launch the spell checker
 Cut perform normal function of cutting
 Copy copy the current selection and store it in the clipboard
 Paste insert content from the clipboard into the editor at the selected position
 Paste Plain Text paste the plain text (no formatting) into the editor
 Paste from word paste the content copied form the microsoft word and remove the web-unfriendly tags
 Delete delete the current selection
 Undo undo the last operation in the editor
 Redo redo the last operation in the editor
 Break insert the line break
 Visible Borders make table borders visible, which can make editing easier
 Special Chars insert a special character from a predefined list
 Insert Image insert a local image from the image gallery folder; thumbnail images are dynamically created; Supports upload new images
 Insert Document insert a link to a document on the server (PDF,DOC, ZIP,etc.) at the selected position
 Insert Template Load the predefined templates on the current selection.
 Insert Table insert a table into your web page
 Insert Rows insert a row above the selected row
 Insert Row Below insert a row below the selected row
 Delete Rows delete the selected row
 Insert Column to the Left insert a column to the left of the selected cell
 Insert Column to the Right insert a column to the right of the selected cell
 Delete columns delete the selected column
 Insert cells insert cells into the selected row.
 Delete cells delete the selected cell
 Row properties edit row properties
 Cell properties edit cell properties
 Merge right merge the current cell with the one to its right
 Merge below merge the current cell with the one below it
 Horizontal split split a cell into columns
 Vertical split Split a cell into rows
 Bold bold the selected text
 Italicize italicize the selected text
 Underline underline the selected text
 Left Justify align the selected content to the left
 Center center the selected content
 Right Justify align the selected content to the right
 Justify None Justify Full
 Justify None Justify None
 Remove Format remove format of the selected text
   Font Color change color of the selected text
   Highlight highlight the selected text
 Ordered List insert an ordered list
 Unordered List Insert an unordered list
 Indent indent the selected content
 Outdent outdent the selected content
 Insert Link add a link to the text on your page
 Add image map Add image map
 Remove Link remove the hyperlink from the selected content
 Insert Anchor add an anchor to the text on your page