Email Content

There are two areas within in your bulk email message that define the content of your message: HTML Content and Text Content.

HTML Content

The HTML Content area holds your email message body content. The HTML content may contain text, images, colors, formatting, personalization, trackable links, etc. To view the complete guide to working with the HTML editor to create great looking emails, click here. HTML content can be created in several different ways:
  • Insert Template: If you have created templates, you can easily insert the template content into your message by selecting the Insert Template icon in the HTML Editor. This will allow you to browse and preview templates you have created, or the Designer Templates provided to give you ideas.
  • Paste HTML: If you have a design already created, you can copy and paste your HTML code directly into the HTML tab (selected at the bottom of the HTML Editor). It is recommended that if you use HTML from another source other than Enrollment Manager you should click the HTML Check button in the HTML Editor toolbar. This will analyze your HTML and point out any problems that might arise within email. Keep in mind that HTML created for a web page using web tools are not always compatible with email.
  • Create New Content: Using the HTML Editor, you can create new content on the fly using your imagination. The editor provides useful tools for inserting images, creating tables, and designing your content.

Text Content

This area displays the text version of the email message. Most people create it with the same text content as the HTML version, with personalization and trackable links, but without images and formatting.
The text version is useful for mobile phones or email rendering programs that do not allow HTML emails to be displayed. When the Mailing is sent, HTML and Text versions are merged into a single email. The HTML version is displayed by default. If the recipient’s email client does not support HTML email, the text version is displayed. If only one form of content is created, either HTML or Text, the available version will be sent.
To easily create the text version of the message, simply click the TXT icon in the HTML Editor toolbar. This will copy all text content to the Text Content tab.
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