Email Marketing

Email Messages can be created different ways within Enrollment Manager:
  • From Scratch: Using the Mailings wizard, you can define, design, test, schedule and analyze an email message.
  • From a Clone: You can reuse a Mailing by cloning it either before or after the emails have been sent. The cloning functionality works the same as a 'Save As' function. It saves the entire mailing as a new mailing with a suffix of 'copy of' following the name. Once the clone has been created, it is an independent entity and can be edited as needed.
  • From a Template: You can create templates to insert into new messages. Templates contain HTML content only.
  • From a Mailing Definition: Mailing Definitions can be created and used later for emails that you use on a regular basis. Mailing Definitions include HTML content, text, sender information, campaign information and an outreach list.
Emails can be sent in the following ways:
  • From Mailings: Emails can be sent to an outreach list within Mailings once content has been created and the details of your email have been defined.
  • From Quick Mailing: You can send an existing Mailing Definition email by selecting an outreach list and clicking on the "Bulk Email" button.
Marketing Email Messages are defined by the following fields. These fields are used to define how your campaign should be delivered:
  • Name: The internal name of your email. This name will appear in Enrollment Manager lists and reports.
  • Subject: This will be your email's subject line; it is what your recipients will see in their inbox. You may use personalization in the subject line, for example: Hello [firstname].
  • Sender Name: This will be the name your email will appear to be from. For example, John Franklin, or Greenville University.
  • Sender Address: This will be the email address your email will appear to be from. For example,
  • Owner: This will default to the user creating the message. After the message is saved, it can be assigned to others.
  • Campaign: Select a campaign to which your email will be related.
  • Outreach List: Select your target outreach list; this is the group of Persons that will receive your emails. See more on Outreach Lists if needed.
  • Social Toolbar: Select this option if you would like the social toolbar to be added to the top of your message. This toolbar allows the recipient to easily share your message on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, it will display the number of times the message has already been shared. If you prefer to include social sharing icons within your message, you may do so using the HTML editor
Once your message is saved with the information above, you can create your content using the HTML editor.