Duplicate Detection Rules

Duplicate Detection Rules specify the entity that will be checked for duplicates and the fields on the entity record that will be used to determine a duplicate.
For example, the logic for a Duplicate Detection Rule on the Person entity may be as follows:
  • Person Role, Exact Match
  • First Name, Match on first 3 characters
  • Last Name, Exact Match
  • City, Exact Match
  • State, Exact Match
  • Birthdate, Exact Match
  • Status, Exact Match
This means that the system will attempt to match on all the parameters that have been specified when the Rule is run against a set of records as part of the Duplicate Detection Job. Two records must match on ALL parameters for the system to consider them potential duplicates.
Users cannot create Duplicate Detection Rules. Please contact your Ruffalo Noel Levitz Enrollment Operations Manager or Technical Support to have a Duplicate Detection Rule set up and published. Please include the entity you wish to check duplicates against as well as which fields you'd like to use for the dupe detection. The rule must be created AND published before a Duplicate Detection Job will be able to run.