Duplicate Detection Jobs

Duplicate Detection Jobs check for duplicates that may exist in the system. The Job marries the Duplicate Detection Rule you wish to use (and on which entity) and the group of records that you wish to run the Rule against. For example, you may choose to only run a Rule for a specific term (14 Fall) or only records that are NOT inquiries, etc.
A Duplicate Detection Job consists of
  • Duplicate Detection Rules - The defined criteria the system should use to identify possible duplicates
  • Advanced Find results - The Rule compares the Advanced Find results against the entire database of records and identifies potential duplicates.  
Creating a Duplicate Detection Job:
Note: To create a Duplicate Detection Job, users must have Administrator-level permissions.   
  1.  In the Workplace menu, select Duplicate Detection. Select New.
  2. The Duplicate Detection Job wizard will launch. Click Next.
  3. Specify the record type to check for duplicates by selecting a record type in the 'Look for' box.  Only record types that have published Duplicate Detection Rules will be included in the Look for box.  
  4. Set the criteria to define the records to check for duplicates or use saved Advanced Find view. If desired, preview the records.  Click Next. 
  5.  Specify:
    • The name of the Job.
    • When you want the Job to start. You also can specify to run the job on a regular schedule.
    • Whether you want notification sent to you and to other users when the background Job completes. 
  6. Click OK, then Click Submit.
Duplicate Detection Jobs are processed in the background. If requested, you will receive an e-mail notification when the job completes, with a link to the page where you can view and resolve duplicates.
Viewing Duplicate Detection Job Results
To view and resolve potential duplicates from a completed Duplicate Detection Job:
  1.  Go to Workplace -->select Duplicate Detection.  
  2. Find and Open your duplicate-detection job.  
  3. Under Details, click View Duplicates.
The top list displays all records that have potential duplicates. When you select a record in the top list, the bottom list shows all the potential duplicates for the selected record.
If there is a large number of possible duplicates and you want to distribute the list to multiple staff members for review, you can contact adlabsupport@ruffalocody.com to request to have a spreadsheet list generated from the duplicate results. Note that using the spreadsheet to review and merge duplicates will not remove the duplicates from the duplicate detection job results. You will need to run a new Duplicate Detection Job to refresh the results.
Resolving Potential Duplicates
For each potential duplicate record found, select the record (top list), and take the following actions:
  1. Determine if the two records are duplicates. You may be able to do this by viewing the data that is presented in the list view. However, if more information is needed, you can open the selected record and the potential duplicate to gain more information on each.
  2. If the records are not duplicates, you can move on to the next record in the top list.
  3. If the two records are duplicates, you can merge the records by clicking the Merge button on the toolbar. Note: If you are merging Person records, you will also need to go back to the master record and merge the associated Opportunities and other related records (Person Org, IDs, etc.) that may have been duplicated in the merge.
  4. Once you have merged the records, one will be deactivated. Deactivated records will still appear in the list of potential duplicates for that job, but you can get a fresh set of results by running a new Duplicate Detection Job.
Helpful Tips:
  • You can Edit, Deactivate and Delete records that appear in the list views.
  • You can only merge two records at a time.
  • You cannot 'refresh' a completed Duplicate Detection Job. To see updated results, you must run a new Duplicate Detection Job.