Data Entry Forms

Enrollment Manager Data Entry Forms are designed to make 'heads down' data entry faster and easier for users. By consolidating many data elements on one page, it eliminates the need to create separate Person, Opportunity, Person Org, and Activity records. Since most application data is fed through imports, this functionality is designed to work with inquiry data.

Accessing Data Entry Forms

Your Data Entry forms are accessible from the Worksplace menu in Enrollment Manager. When selecting this option, you'll see a list of any Data Entry Forms available for use. If you don't see any forms listed, it indicates that this has not been deployed for your account. Contact Ruffalo Noel Levitz support for more information.

Data Entry Process

Using this form, a user can quickly enter records. The form is designed to make data entry as quick as possible using drop down and text fields wherever possible. Each time data is submitted, you will see a confirmation at the top of the page confirming the record submitted.

Data Flow to Enrollment Manager

Each time a record is submitted, it is queued for import into your Enrollment Manager database. This will use the Standard Import process including matching/updating existing records. For details on the match process, refer to the Standard Import documentation. Since the record submitted is going through the match process, it will not be immediately visible in Enrollment Manager. Data is fed to Enrollment Manager every 30 minutes and can take an additional 10-30 minutes for complete processing.

Creating Data Entry Forms

Every client is provided with one Data Entry form to start with. The form is created by Admissions Lab Support after being defined by the client. Use the attached worksheet to indicate the fields you wish to include on your form and which fields should be made required. Additional forms can be created for a fee. To have a new form deployed:
  • Download and complete the Data Entry Form Configuration document below.
  • Send the form to
  • The form will be deployed in your environment for review.
  • Once approved, we'll begin feeding data collected to Enrollment Manager.
Please note: The worksheet to define your Data Entry Form will include many fields to suit the needs of many users. To make data entry as quick as possible, you'll want to 'hide' many of these fields that aren't necessary for your use. This will make the form shorter and the process faster. Details on hiding fields are found in the form below.