Why is this change happening?

The current email platform (Core Motives) is being discontinued by the service provider (IBM). Ruffalo Noel Levitz has transitioned clients to Click Dimensions within EMP as of January 5, 2017.

How can I access Click Dimensions?

Your user account will be updated to give you access to the Click Dimensions area. You will see it under the Outreach menu. You will have a listing for Email Marketing (Click Dimensions). Initially you will also have one for Email Marketing (Core Motives), but the latter will be removed.

Can I continue using the old platform until my organization stops using EMP?

You should begin using Click Dimensions as soon as possible. RNL is unable to affect IBM’s timeline for shutting down Core Motives.

When can I start moving my email content from Core Motives to Click Dimensions?

Right away! As soon as you have access to Click Dimensions, you can begin moving your content.

Do I need to upload my images to Click Dimensions?

If your images are on the Core Motives server, you must move them to Click Dimensions or to a web server on your campus. You can check to see if the images are on the Core Motives server by right-clicking on the image and choosing Properties. If there is a reference to Core Motives in the image URL, you will need to upload it to Click Dimensions. Instructions on doing so can be found in the wiki.

Note: If the image url references your institution’s server, you do not need to take these additional steps.

I used PreHeaders in Core Motives. Can I continue to do so in Click Dimensions?

Yes. PreHeaders can be done in Click Dimensions as visible or hidden. 

With a visible preheader, you'll put the text in the Preheader field on Email Template or Email Send. A hidden preheader allows you to still have preheader text that follows the subject line, but the text will be invisible once the email is opened. If you need to supplement your subject line or include helpful information in your email that you don’t want to display in the body of your email, you can tweak your template to hide this text. Note that you’ll need to code this in the Source (HTML) part of your email content.

The text is not “wrapping” around my image in Click Dimensions as it did in Core Motives. What can I do?

Content may not smoothly translate when moving content from one HTML editor to another. The Freestyle HTML editor does not include the ability to do text wrapping using the editing tools. One way to work around this issue is to insert a one cell table into your HTML and put the image there.

 I used to use the NICKNAME code snippet in Core Motives. How can I replicate this in Click Dimensions?

Insert the field for “Nickname” within your HTML content. Move your cursor between the two quote marks. Insert the field for “First Name”. The result will look this


 am having trouble getting my content to look exactly like it did in the old HTML editor. There are spaces I can’t remove, the text is centered or the font is different. Why this happening is and what can I do?

Content may not always smoothly translate when moving content from one HTML editor to another. You can use the tool bar on the Freestyle HTML editor to make cosmetic changes to your content including text justification, font specification and sizing. Spacing can be removed by deleting the desired “dead space”. Some of these changes may require tweaks to the HTML code directly.

 Where can I go with questions?

Please check the wiki for general information about Click Dimensions including documentation on moving content and links to pre-recorded webinars. You can also submit questions to emsupport@ruffalonl.com