Saving Settings in Analytics

You can save a particular filter in the middle section of the screen.

To save these settings, enter the name of this filter in the Save Settings box, and click the Save Settings box beside it.

Once saved you can retrieve this setting in the future, by selecting it from the drop down list and clicking on Load Settings button beside the name of the setting you wish to load. Once loaded, you can modify the setting with one of the filters from the top section and clicking on the Refresh button in the middle right hand side of the screen.

Analytics comes with a default setting that is called g_Default. This setting is the default that is opened whenever anybody logs into Analytics. This default setting can be changed by the system administrator. There are two types of saved settings. Global sets are defined during the initial setup, are available to all users, and cannot be deleted. Local settings are created by individual users through the “Save Settings” function, are visible to only that user, and can be deleted by selecting the name and clicking on Delete This Setting.

Previously saved configurations can be reloaded by selecting its name from Load Setting drop down box and clicking Load Settings.

You can export this summary data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet by clicking on the Excel icon or you can also print a paper copy by clicking on the printer icon.