Descriptive Analytics Term Report

The Term Report for Analytics allows you to graphically compare the response rate over time for any admission stage across four cohorts defined by different years in combination with a single term and ending date. There are a maximum of four charts, however, you can independently select the admission stage for each chart. Therefore, this report allows you to simultaneously visualize the rate of change for any four admission stages.

There are three ranges of time you can compare: 12 months, 6 months and 3 months. These are moving windows of time ending with the common date you selected the end date for the report.

The twelve and six month cycles plot points based on aggregate numbers that are collected on a weekly basis, and the three month cycle plots points on a daily basis. If you hover your mouse over the lines on each of the charts you will see the value for each point in time across the different cohorts. The MS Excel download provides tabular information for each chart, on a weekly basis for the twelve and six month charts, and a daily basis for the three month chart.