Descriptive Analytics Pivot Table Report

With the use of Analytics Pivot Table Report you can view and summarize any segment of your data with the use of Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. A basic understanding of managing and manipulating pivot tables in MS Excel is required to fully take advantage of the pivot table tool.

Using this Report

Click on the far right menu item in Analytics called Pivot. This will open a data download window, from where you can select the data you wish do download and analyze in a pivot table. Select the cohort you wish to analyze in the term and year drop-down boxes. You can also begin to stratify the data by selecting any of the drop-down values in the custom fields. This will reduce the number of records you will download, thereby speeding up the download time.

After selecting your data set, click on the Refresh Row Count Button in the center of this page. Once the row count has been refreshed you are ready to download the data set by clicking on the Open Pivot Table button on the right of the screen. You will see the following message on the screen: Creating Excel Document...Please Wait.

Once the document is created a Windows Dialog box will prompt you to Open or Save the Excel document. YOU MUST SELECT THE SAVE OPTION. Select a destination folder and save the document onto your local machine. Once saved, you can then open the file directly from your local machine and view or manipulate the Pivot table in any way you need.

After opening your pivot table you will see a list of available fields to select from. The Filter1-Filter6 fields correspond to the custom fields on your Profile page. For example if your first custom field on your Analytics Profile Page is Race then the Filter1 field is equal to Race. By selecting the Filter1 field you will see you data broken down by Race and so on. The more fields you select from the list, the more stratified your data will be and therefore produce a larger pivot table.