Descriptive Analytics Date Report

The Analytics Date Comparison page is designed as a quick and easy tool to compare the recruitment status and characteristics of a four groups of students at up to four different "as if" points in time. Typically, you will be comparing the current class as of a given date, with how the class looked on the same date in each of the previous three years. This is useful in answering the question: "How am I doing today, compared to how I was doing at this point in time for each of the past three years?" However, you may also want to compare different dates within the same cohort.

There is a single “Show Me” calculation and set of demographic filter settings that are common across all tables in the report.

The bottom part of this screen is comprised of four data tables.

You can select a separate cohort for each of the first four columns in each table, as defined by a unique combination of year, term and date.  The selected year, term and date values will appear as the column labels in each table.  The fifth column in each table is the percentage change between the third and fourth columns.

The admission stage for each table can be independently set by selecting the desired stage from the selector directly above each table.

The "Show in rows" value is common for all tables and is defined by the value select in the “Show in rows” drop down above the tables.