Descriptive Analytics Conversion Report

There are several stages that potential students encounter before they enroll at a college or university. The process, commonly known as the “Enrollment Life Cycle,” has five distinct stages — suspect, prospect, applicant, admit and enrolled. Oftentimes, this sequence of stages is referred to as the “Enrollment Funnel.” One of the most important indicators of your success is the conversion rate from one stage of the funnel to the next. The Analytics Conversion report allows you to view your conversion rates for a particular cohort at a given point in time of the Enrollment Life Cycle.
The Conversion Report allows you to select:
  • A single cohort defined by a combination of year, term and date.
  • A set of values for demographic filters and show in rows.
  • The data table displays the counts and conversion rates for the various admission stages as columns with rows being defined by the Show in Rows selection. 
Note: The rows may be sorted in increasing or decreasing order by clicking on the respective column heading. For example, to sort by yield rate, just click on the yield rate column title.