Descriptive Analytics Comparison Report

The Analytics Comparison page allows you to compare two cohorts for a given point in time. You may quickly segment the way you look at your data by selecting your view in the "Show in Rows" field at the top of the page. You can see the values for each row on the two dates you select. The last column shows the percent change from year to year.

The Comparison page allows you to select:

Two independent cohorts defined by a combination of year, term and date.  The two cohorts are compared in the data table.
A single set of values for admission stage, demographic filters, show in rows and "show me" calculation that is common to both cohorts being compared.

The "show me" selection allows you to view the rows selected by total Number (#), Sum (Σ ), and Average(A) counts.

Merit - Merit is used to track the dollar amounts for merit scholarships and is differentiated from the “Grants” calculation used to track need-based scholarships.
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