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Modifying Advanced Find Columns

If you want to view specific columns and/or export certain columns with any or all of the returned records from your query, select the icon Edit Columns. You can add, remove and edit columns for your export. Note: the system will also notify you when you have too many columns for a single page output.

When you are ready to export you select the Export to Excel icon. 

Reminder: Your view/export is only going to show fields specific to the entity in which the Advanced Find is built on and some related entities. To see which related entities and the relevant data that is available for Advanced Find output, simply select “Add Columns” then from the drop-down menu at the top of the pop-up, select the Record Type. You will see that the available data elements for display/export will change as you change the entity selection for columns. 

Outreach List exports are the only export that includes multiple cross-entity fields. Outreach List exports are not customizable. For details on Outreach List exports, see the section on Letter Generation