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Exporting Advanced Find Results

Advanced Find results can be exported to static Excel worksheets or to dynamic pivot tables and worksheets.
To export to a static worksheet, run the Advanced Find by clicking on the "!" icon. Select the Export to Excel icon. Select the option Static worksheet with records from this page.  If the Advanced Find returns multiple pages, you may want to choose the option that allows you export data from all pages returned. Click Export. Your export will only include data returned in the specified fields.
Exporting to a Dynamic Pivot Table  or Dynamic Worksheet   

To create a dynamic pivot table  or worksheet, you must access Enrollment Manager through Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Log in to Outlook and go to Enrollment Manager.
  2. From any area within the application, find and click the icon for Advanced Find.
  3. Select the desired Advanced Find and click the “!” icon to view the results.
  4. Once the results are displayed, click the Export to Excel icon.
  5. Click the radial next to the option for Dynamic Pivot Table or Dynamic Worksheet.  This will activate the Edit Columns or Select Columns buttons.
  6. Edit and select columns as needed. 
  7. Click Export. The file that is exported  is an XML file. Save the file and open it in Excel. Note: You may be able to open it in Excel immediately after saving if prompted. Also, you may be prompted to select the application that you want to use to open. If so, find and select Excel.
  8. Once the file opens in Excel, click Enable Editing and Enable Content buttons if they appear at the top of the file.
  9. Click the Data tab on the menu and then click Connections. Click Properties and accept the defaults. Click the Definition tab and also accept the defaults. Click OK and then Close.
  10. On the ribbon, click Refresh from CRM. Depending on what you selected, Dynamic worksheet or Dynamic Pivot Table, you will either see your Advanced Find results or the Pivot Table tools.  
If you  make changes to data in Enrollment Manager, you can refresh your data in the spreadsheet. Save your changes in Enrollment Manager and then in your Excel spreadsheet click Refresh from CRM.
Note: If you make changes to your data in the Excel spreadsheet, such as deleting data that appears in a field(s) or removing a column, that information will return upon refresh.