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Advanced Find Results

Exporting Advanced Find Results

From your Advanced Find results, you can export to Excel by clicking on the Export to Excel icon .
Your export will only include those fields that you have specified in your columns .

Adding Advanced Find Results to an Outreach List

You can Add Members via the Outreach List functionality OR from the results of a Person-based Advanced Find.

Modifying records from Advanced Find Results

You can modify selected records or all records that are part of an Advanced Find result by clicking on Edit. Enter your edits in the desired field(s), then click Save to publish the changes to the selected group of records. Fields that you do not edit will not be changed. If you want update ALL records that are returned from a query, note that the update process only updates one page at a time. You must continue the process on each page to update all records. (Setting your CRM preferences to 250 records is a good idea when you will be updating a large number of records.)