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This site is designed specifically for Enrollment Manager users and will provide quick and easy access to information and "best practices" related to the full scope of Enrollment Manager capabilities.

Navigating the Documentation

While you can use the navigation menu on the left, the easiest way to find information on a specific topic is to use the Search tool in the upper right corner. This utility enables you to search through all documentation and content for information specifically related to your request.
To use multiple search terms, simply list each keyword in the Find box. For instance, searching for Email Content will display information and articles containing either of the two words. To search for information related to a phrase, simply put the phrase in quotes such as "Email Content". This will only return articles that have a relationship to the entire phrase.

Editing Wiki Content/Feedback

The content in this site is maintained by Ruffalo Noel Levitz staff. If you have specific feedback on a topic, or you would like to see additional topics covered in the documentation, send your request to adlabsupport@ruffalocody.com for consideration. The Login functionality is for Ruffalo Noel Levitz engineers and analysts only.

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